Du or do not..... There is no tri.  Duathlon, multisport for the swimming challenged.
Hey, if it worked for Luke Skywalker, it can work for good old Scott Beauregard.  I have taken a hiatus from working out since the beginning of August.  For those that know me, you realize that that it's not my style to not run or bike.  I'm a triathlete, that is what I do.  However, life kind of got in the way.  Recently, I've been trying to get motivated and get back on the bike and start running again.  "I'll try to get out tonight", "I'll try to go to Targetraining in the morning" are common statements that I've been making.  It's time to listen to Yoda.  "Do or Do not... there is no try"  He was right, I needed to stop making excuses and just do it.  No excuses.  Slowly but surely getting back to form.  I feel slow, fat and weak on the bike but will be back soon!  My competition should take note, I will be ready by April.  This means you Barry McMaster!!!  West Point Du rematch. 
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